This year, as part of our study with KU, we have had the privilege of working with four excellent schools in Dubuque. We have received great enthusiasm from teachers in all four schools. However, each school has a teacher that takes the practice the extra mile. One of those teachers is Sarah Wolter, a Special Education Teacher at Fulton Elementary.

Sarah embraced the practice from The beginning in her self contained classroom through taking on practice everyday with her students. She has expressed how powerful it is to watch her students use the practice to self regulate, find peace and perseverance to learn. Sarah has taken all three teacher classes offered by Challenge To Change this school year.

Sarah, along with her working partner, Gabrielle Sullivan, took the Challenge To Change Kids Yoga Mudra Cards and paired them with their zones of regulation. Brilliant. Just Brilliant!These teachers found that their students, through the 5 parts of practice being implemented in their school building this year, really resonated with the mudras. They found the students were able to express their feelings through their “yoga fingers” when they couldn’t speak their words. Please check out these pictures of their hard work and successful implementation.

If you have questions on how to implement these practices, please contact Molly Schreiber at