For me, traveling is really hard on my body, especially flying. I have found supplements that help like aloe & a lot of water but when those don’t always do the trick, these help provide some relief! 

I was on vacation in Florida, not too long after I met my now fiance – it was the beginning of my yoga journey – things were still secretive, especially bodily functions, and I was feeling really awful and bloated. I was more than happy to learn that the next town over had free Saturday morning yoga at the library…long story short, success was had by all! & that was the beginning of all future conversations to come.

Next time, try these when you’re on the go & can’t go… ☺

  • Boat Pose – make it more of a workout by taking high boat to low boat.

Boat Pose forces you to use your core to stabilize, contracting those muscles helps core strength. 

Start by laying on your back, lift your shoulder blades off the mat, head is held very neutral and arms are extended, thumbs pointing up. Bend your knees at a 90 degree angle and lift to balance. *You don’t want to be balancing on your spine, but you also don’t want to be in a full situp position* This pose is challenging enough to hold 20 seconds but if you’re up for it, extend one leg at a time or both and hold. 

Instead of doing crunches, alternate between high boat and lowering your back and legs just inches above the mat for low boat.

  • Fish Pose – opens various chakras too!

This is an easy pose to transition into from Boat & a great counter pose to stretch those abs! Lie flat on your mat & tuck your hands, palms down, under your booty – bend your elbows, like you’re sitting up to look out into the vast, open ocean after suntanning all morning, this will prep you for this heart and throat opener.

Keeping your legs straight, arch your back, letting your elbows support your body weight, and release your neck back. If this is too intense, modify with a pillow or blanket under your neck.

  • Bridge Pose – many times, Wheel Pose evolves from Bridge.

Bridge is awesome for more than just digestion too! This is for sure, one that tightens the core, hamstrings, and glutes!

Start by laying on your back, knees bent at a 90 degree angle. *keep a block nearby* relax your hands by your sides and on an inhale, squeeze your glutes and lift your pelvis, leaving your shoulders flat on the mat. *adjust your feet and knees if necessary – use the block under your sacrum for support or squeeze between your knees to ensure proper form & engage those abdominal muscles!*

This isn’t a pose I would recommend holding for more than 2 or 3 breaths. It can be intense on the low back. Take a child’s pose to counterstretch. 

Bridge pose is one that I’ve had to learn to love. It doesn’t always feel very nice and more often than not, this one makes me sweat! “The pose you like the least, is what your body needs most.”

  • High Lunge – this asana leads you into so many other poses [listed below]

The easiest way for me to explain proper form in high lunge is this: start in plank, wrists stacked under shoulders, core tight, & push forward to balance on the ball of your foot. Step the right or left foot through, between your hands, keeping that front knee bent & actively pushing forward on the back foot. 

Place your hands on your hips, above your head, or keep them on your mat on the outside of your knee – this is also an intense hip opener – *make sure you are warm prior to this pose!*

  1. From here, high lunge can be taken into Warrior 3 by pushing off that back foot and extending the front knee
  2. Standing Splits
  3. Take a bind
  4. Bird of Paradise
  5. Set back foot down for Extended Triangle
  6. Turn out & bend back knee for Goddess
  7. Push back to Plank
  8. Push back to Down Dog
  • Twists & Revolving

Most poses can be taken into some sort of twisting or revolved pose to aid in digestion. Remember to hold each side the same amount of time and drink your fluids to help rid your body of toxins!

  1. Twisting Tree
  2. Twisting Chair
  3. Twisting Lunge
  4. Revolving Triangle
  5. Revolving Side Angle
  6. Russian Twist
  7. Seated Twist
  8. Supine Twist

Resource: Yoga Journal

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