What a week we have had at Challenge To Change! This week, as you have read, we began our yoga in the schools program. On Tuesday we were at Sageville school and had an amazing reception there. Sageville is one of our higher socioeconomic schools. On Thursday we were at Fulton school and it was particularly amazing. Fulton is one of our lower socioeconomic schools. Our hearts were truly stolen by the amazing feeling of the school and the students they serve. We had visitors from the Telegraph Herald which is the local newspaper in Dubuque. We also had a visit from KWWL which is the local news station. Check out the link below for the news story. We are so blessed to have such an amazing reception and our community.

Today I provided the teacher in-service for Kennedy elementary school. Kennedy is one of our higher socioeconomic schools. Kennedy is a very special school to me because of the teacher support I have received over the last year and the work that I have been doing. The teachers have become friends of mine and are really really passionate about the work that I do and implementing it into the classroom. Every time I leave the school at Kennedy I have a happy feeling in my heart because all the teachers at this school love what they do and have a great drive for the profession of education. Today was particularly special for me because their art teacher, Molly Dillon, had completed a yoga art project with the students. I have included some of the pictures of the students work. Molly had the students complete 3D art projects that are of Mudras. Mudras are one of the five parts we use in our mindfulness practices in schools. Mudras help students self regulate and check in with their emotions. Thank you Molly for your work!

My heart is very full with love for our community and the mission we are in to make the world a better place to be one child at a time.KWWL story on Yoga In The Schools