Thank you to everyone who has been a cheerleader for the success of our program in schools. Just last week I had two more calls from schools wanting to know if we would have the time, and energy, to go into their districts. The answer is yes! We would love to come. I am currently recruiting teachers for our next 95 Hour YTT so people will be ready and confident to do the work it takes in the schools. Kristy has joined our team and is currently learning the way of our work. We are so excited to have her live her life’s work with us. I am looking forward to expanding our work and mission!

Over the last week, we have visited Fulton, Holy Ghost, Sageville and Kennedy. We also look forward to returning to Lincoln this week. I have attached some of the pictures from our awesome teachers and students. My personal favorite picture is of a gift I received from one of my “Yogis” from my hidden gem, Holy Ghost, today. He gave me a cross to hang up at my house because “he loves me” and “because the way we do yoga helps him feel closer to God.” Lucky Teacher am I!