Today I began my early morning at Starry Elementary in Marion Iowa. I once again was able to have a PD session with these amazing teachers and their fabulous principal, Annette. Today the teachers learned more mudras and how to teach each other how to use mudras. I wanted to make it less intimidating in the classroom. Practicing on their friends and coworkers made it fun and easy. They of course were an amazing staff to work with and I left the town feeling fulfilled and full of hope for the kids who attend this school. Way to go, Starry Rockstars.

This afternoon I traveled to Potosi to work with small groups of students. My dear friend, Angele, usually works with these beautiful children, however she was out today. She asked me to sub for her and I was thrilled! Potosi, with the leadership of Tammy Cooley and Molly Markham have created a Mindfulness Room in their school building. Really! A mindfulness room full of all sorts of goodies I helped the pick out and use with their kiddos. This school is truly light years ahead of many others through understanding that this “peace out corner” is necessary in their building for their staff and students. From the moment you walk into the room, you can smell the lavender, see the soft lighting, and feel the relaxation that welcomes you into the room. Every school should have this ability for the teachers and students. Now: how to make that happen?