Today my beautiful staff and I were treated like royalty at Starry Elementary. I know I have talked about this amazing administrator before, but I am going to do it again. Annette Meyer is a go getter! This last summer she took my Yoga For Teachers Class At Grant wood AEA, went on to pursue her children’s certification, all while spreading the practice throughout her staff and to her student population.

She also has some very special yogis at her school. Annette saw the need for some yoga and mindfulness in these students, incorporated mudras into their self regulation and has made a huge impact on their life! After several texts, pictures and email exchanges about one of her very special yogis, today I finally got to meet Gideon, who has wholeheartedly embraced the practice and has found peace from it. What an honor to practice with him and watch how he transformed during the time.

We were privileged and honored to work with all the students at her K-2 school today. From the moment we entered the school we were welcomed with signs on our “yoga room” doors, served snacks and water throughout our teaching morning and showered with kindness and respect from their students and staff. What a great way to practice yoga!

We are excited to continue our work with Starry in the future.