Wow! What a way to begin the Monday after a holiday break. Early this morning, Kristy and I made our way to Hazel Green, Wisconsin; the home of Willy the Wildcat. To say their students are SUPER is an understatement. These amazing kiddos were very excited and engaged in learning about what mindfulness can do for their bodies, minds and hearts.

Their principal, Angie Barth, divided the student body into three groups of one hundred or more students in each group. I am sure that sounds like an enormous amount of students to work with at once, but I did not have one single problem with talking out of turn or discipline. The students of Southwestern were so well behaved, had excellent manners and excelled at learning how to help their smart minds, kind hearts and calm bodies. I only hope I can return to work with this amazing student population and staff again!

Enjoy some of the pictures of our K to 8 students taking in the practices of mindfulness. Way to go, Wildcats!