As I rock my little one to sleep and place her in her crib, I always thank the universe for making me a mom, for giving me another tomorrow to be better, to practice more patience & bless those around me with words of encouragement.

I’m reminded what a beautiful blessing it is to be a woman,  a mom,  a partner, the chef, the errand runner, the hairstylist,  the alarm clock & everything in between. 

I’m reminded that today was only one day and good or bad, it THANKFULLY was just ONE day – not a lifetime of high, highs, or a life of low, lows. Today was a tough day but I know I’m blessed in more ways than I can count. “It was just a bad day, not a bad life” and next time,  I trust that I will make the next day like today, better. It WILL have a better outcome. 

I’m reminded that I’m stubborn as heck &  sometimes too independent.  It has caused friendships to fade but also cultivated new ones. I’m reminded that not everything is in my control & I need to see things and situations from other perspectives. I’m reminded over and over again that endurance wins & not to give up too quickly,  when things get too hard, when MY plans don’t coincide with the universe,  with God. 

Jeremiah 29:11

I’m reminded that every day I fail at something but I’m reminded that,  that’s what community is for. I’m thankful for all that have LED me to the place I am tonight & those that are trusting in me to move forward with my ideas, plans, & those that have walked NEXT to me through it all!