This morning I had an awful “mean mom morning.” Anyone ever have this? It was one of those mornings where my kids just didn’t seem to do what I wanted or needed them to do. Everything I asked them to do, they didn’t. Brush your teeth, teeth were not brushed. Pack your boot bag, the boot bag was still unpacked at go time. Finally, I lost it! I used the “devil voice” when blowing up at my children. Did I feel bad about .00001 seconds later, yes. But I did it, I was guilty.

So how do I go on from there? Do I stay in that mood all do. Absolutely not! Life is way to short. I am determined to live a happy and very fulfilling life. I choose happy. How do I get from “devil mama” to that happy momma? I use a mind shifting process that is very simple to do.

“When you wake up, get in the habit of scanning your body,” advocates Linda Moseley of the Coaching Gym in Hurley, England, and Torino, Italy. “See if there is tension in your body. [Feeling out of sorts is] negative energy held in the body. Recognize tension as negative energy, and start to know exactly the intensity of this by scoring it on a scale of 1–10 (with 1 being very low negative energy and 10 being major reactive negative energy). Then, do the following: remember a time when you were at your best (on a positive energy scale of 1–10, choose a time when you would give a high score of at least an 8), and visualize it, [making] the pictures intense in color and the feeling warm and peaceful. Notice your breathing, and start to inhale on six counts and exhale on six. Do this for the time that it takes you to get out of the bathroom and dressed. Smile and look up with your eyes to the ceiling, and keep them there with the smile for at least 30 seconds.”

Make today or tomorrow better. Shift your mind and shift your mood. Life is precious and so are the children we have in our lives. They are such gifts.