This morning my day began very early with a drive to a Marion public school. As I looked up at the starry sky as I left Dubuque, I smiled to myself, knowing I was headed to Starry Elementary in Marion. Yet another sign from God that all of the work I am doing is so aligned.

The trip to Marion this morning had me reflect on when I met Annette, the principal of this bright, shiny school. This last summer she took my “Yoga For Teachers” class at Grantwood AEA. Annette is a principal with lots of positive energy that radiates out from her heart. She is definitely “in the trenches” each day with her Teachers and has a very strong pulse on where they are at and what their needs are. Before I came to inservice her teachers this morning, Annette went to every classroom in Starry to deliver the “Sadie Loves Yoga” lesson and introduce the practice of yoga to her student body. In doing so, she also gave her Teachers the gift of implementing mindfulness practices to help all students at Starry self regulate and express their “smart minds, kind hearts, and calm bodies.”

The inservice could not have gone better. The teachers were my most well behaved class all week. They were so grateful for the information they received and the connections of how to implement into their classroom. I so enjoyed my time with the staff and look forward to returning to this “gold star” of a school!

After my inservice, I went to meet my staff in Potosi, Wisconsin where we began our first lesson in the schools. I of course was met by Lora and Rachel with big smiles. We had time to talk and discuss, as we waited for Shawna to finish her last lesson, the future of this amazing gift we have in teaching yoga and mindfulness to students all over. I was so excited as well to drop off FIFTEEN “21 Day Challenge To Live Mindfully” journals to the staff of Potosi who are eager to bring this practice not only to their students, but to their own lives! We are so excited to begin this partnership with Potosi.