When I started my own yoga journey, I couldn’t help but notice this gorgeous flower in just about every studio I visited.  I had friends get a similar tattoo but I didn’t know what it meant. 

This flower is also a mudra  (yoga for the fingers as Molly would say). It represents coming out of the darkest,  deepest places of a muddy pond & finding light, positivity,  love for others,  love for self, by being this beautiful wonderment of the world. 

It’s kind of like life, right? We all have dark, sad, angry, days where staying in bed sounds much more appealing than going to work, stepping onto our yoga mat, encouraging others,  expressing emotion & gratitude. We’d just rather keep to ourselves, dwell on the ick around us, & hope the next day is better.  

But, YOU are in control of your growth,  your energy,  and your mood. Like the lotus, it grows and matures with light & represents hope. And same with adults and even children, we grow by having other beauty and beautiful ‘Lotus flowers’ around us. 

Lotus flowers represent strength & overcoming,  endurance,  persistence. My goal is to work on being more like a lotus on my dark, dreery days.