Today we traveled across town to Lincoln Elementary. Lincoln is the home to a very small but very hard-working staff. So many classrooms that we visited today showed the strong dedication and respectful atmosphere of the teachers at Lincoln. These teachers strive very hard to create this feeling in their classrooms. In our discussion and debriefing after our time in Lincoln, we really complimented all of the staff for their loving attitudes towards each of the children they serve.

I want to talk about one of the classrooms in particular that I was in today. Our C2C teacher, Rachel, was the teacher of the class. This class that I want to tell you about was a fourth grade class taught by Mrs. Burke. Mrs. Burke is half of a dynamic duo teaching team in fourth grade at Lincoln elementary. From the moment we walked into her classroom we were impressed. We saw a very clean, inviting and open atmosphere. You could tell that through her flexible seating arrangement that she had a very open and respectful atmosphere in her classroom.

From the time Rachel began her introduction in her work today, there was great respect for her as the teacher. (It is very hard not to pay attention to Rachel when she is teaching because of her infectious smile. She is one of the many gifts that we have in our teaching realm at C2C.) However, I know that it was not only Rachel’s smile but the hard work of the fourth-grade teachers that produced this beautiful and amazing class.

I know our mindfulness and yoga program will make a difference in all of the schools that we will be serving this year, but I truly have a special place in my heart for the difference it will make at Lincoln elementary. If you see a teacher from Lincoln elementary, please go up to them and give them a big hug or shake their hand and tell them well done!p