What an experience. I am almost (ALMOST but not quite) speechless with all the AMAZING work being done all over our country by these kids yoga instructors. My learning as a student of yoga and growth as a teacher is off the charts from my experiences this weekend! I am so excited to return to my Midwest community and share all of the information I learned in our country’s capital this weekend.

The one thing I am SECURE in stating is that Dubuque is on its way to a fantastic future through this early onset of placing yoga and mindfulness into the daily experience of the children in our school communities. The research I have been exposed to this weekend is groundbreaking. Mindfulness, yoga and self regulation are essential for the children we educate today. The world around us is so fast paced and we live in the constant place of fight or flight. Why? How has this happened? What can we do to change this? I know: implement these practices into OUR daily lives as educators and MORE importantly: the lives of the students we serve.

So far, I have met two of my kids yoga idols: Kira Willey and Susan Verde! Their work is a huge driving force in my everyday work. See the picture below of Kira receiving her “We Are The Change” T-shirt. She was so excited to know that all the little Dubuque Yogis loved her enough to think of her. She wanted them to know she sees the work they are doing in our community.