It’s the middle of the week and the weekend cannot come soon enough! It’s hard to believe that August is soon upon us and the kids will be going back to school.

Molly shared this article with me about kids and meditating. This mom took matters into her own hands and started meditating with her anxiety-filled child before bed and soon the whole family was doing it and now it’s part of their routine.

She started to manifest book sales and reach out to others to help get her message out and while being let down continually, there was a little voice inside that made her speak up and reach out one night.  The right person heard her and her book is available on the link! 

The coolest part about all of it is she does NOT keep a dime; she donates it all to Children’s Research!

There’s a part in the article that really stuck out to me when she was talking about manifesting and praying about things and just thinking on it and hoping that it will happen.  With this idea, you need to “wear it” loosely and just kind of go with the flow and take everything in stride. The universe will tell you when the right moment is and you just have to trust that.

How to Teach Kids to Meditate with Meredith Stack