Today I traveled to two different school districts to deliver in-service to the teachers. This morning I started at Francis Marion middle school in Marion, Iowa. The teachers were surprised with a self-care/yoga presentation. They also wanted to know a little bit about what I do and how they can put it in a classroom setting. Below I have attached the brochure I️ used for their presentation. If you would like a copy, just ask!

Back in the car and travel two hours to Potosi, Wisconsin. I love working with my teachers at Potosi. They were familiar with me and knew that I was coming to present. However, today was very different for us. Today their presentation was all about self-care and how they need to take care of themselves first as educators. I have to say they were the best behaved class I have had all week long! Kudos to my Potosi people.

Often, as educators, we do not practice self-care and take care of ourselves. It is very important to remember to put the oxygen mask on ourselves before putting it on the children that we serve. Children are barometers of our energy. They are barometers of our anxieties and our emotions. We need to remember how we feel and how we think before we step in the classroom. How do you practice HEALTHY self care as a teacher professionally? How do you practice personally? Do you need to make a plan?