I am so excited to begin my fourth year at Holy Ghost School in Dubuque, Iowa. Holy Ghost is a hidden gem in the downtown Dubuque area. This school has so much love, respect and kindness from the youngest yogi to the eldest staff member. Four year ago, Todd Wessels, the principal of Holy Ghost, asked me to come and begin practice with the beautiful 88 students. I was thrilled to have a principal believe in me and what the practice can do for the children. Through the last four years, we have watched the program evolve into what it is today. It has been a beautiful evolution to be a part of. I now serve Kindergarten through 5th grade for 45 minutes of practice and then have the PreK and Daycare for 30 minutes twice a month. The students all have yoga mats to practice on and eye pillows to relax with. (I finally have enough for them to use!)

It is an understatement to say Tuesdays are my favorite day to teach. Please enjoy the pictures below of the K-5 practicing mudras and “smarts minds” close or practice anthe PreK in savasana. Holy Ghost was my first school gig and will always, always hold a special place in my heart. Namaste!