One cup of cooked grains offers a burst of sustained energy including a hearty protein and fiber kick. Try one of the following with a bit of tamari, soy sauce, Tabasco, or whatever herbs or seasoning trips your trigger! Grains can be cooked on the stovetop, in a rice maker, or instapot and portioned into 1-cup glass containers for your lunch box or fridge. Can be eaten cold, room temp, or heated. Try these feasible, flexible high-energy protein foods as a meal or snack with some fresh or cooked veggies on the side- and hi-YA!! Instant energy!!

-quinoa (technically a nut, but cooked like a grain)
-amaranth (another nut)

-brown rice -polenta -popcorn -wheat berries -oats

For more information on grains check this out: grain_glossary

Submitted by my friend:  Beth Putnam