Happiness is life’s most cherished goal. On every continent, in every country and in every culture, when people are asked, “What do you want?” the most popular answer is “happiness.” When parents are asked, “What do you most want for your children?” the answer is “happiness.” Happiness is the goal that makes other life goals—like success, prosperity and relationships—feel meaningful and enjoyable.

What is your definition of a happy life? Are you living it? Think carefully about this because your definition of happiness will influence every other significant decision in your life. For example, if you think happiness is outside you, you will make happiness into a search, a catch or a reward that you must earn. If, however, you know happiness is inside you, then happiness becomes a compass, a teacher and an enabler that helps you to live your best life.

For me, happiness is found in the smile of my 8 year old when she accomplishes something new.  It is the determination in my 8 year old as he is up to bat in summer baseball.  It is the pride I have in my 10 year old as she once again does something that completely amazes me.  But happiness is also finding peace within Molly.  I define my happiness through my children, but most importantly, I find it within.  My life is not perfect, but it is exactly as it should be and THAT is pure happiness to me.