I had dinner the other evening with a few friends and I was in charge of bringing dessert with NO dye. My 1st reaction isn’t appropriate to share on here and was thinking “thank goodness for Hyvee Health Market but gosh, where do I begin?”

Maybe you’ve heard of this allergy before but I hadn’t and the pressure was insane to find the right treat!

Trusty Google never lets me down AND when Hannah heard she could have Breyers all natural Strawberry ice cream, she was pretty excited! Her words were “I haven’t had strawberry ice cream in a very long time!” (She’s 9, mind you šŸ™ƒ)

Dye is typically found in processed foods to enhance color and can trigger allergies, asthma, and red dye, specifically has been linked to a negative effect on children with ADHD. 

Fun stuff,  huh?

I’m no nutritionist or doctor so I advise reaching out to them with questions or concerns but I feel like I can make healthier choices by knowing this too & hope to educate you, readers of this ever becomes something you encounter!

I don’t have any allergies but think about ALLLLL the processed, colorful, fun, kid tempting foods that are on the market? Sprinkles? Unicorn colored milkshakes? Caramel coloring? Even some peanut butters and those super tasty iced animal crackers! 

9 things parents should know about food dyes

This link is direct and informational and helped me out in a time crunch!