Our family loves Dubuque Montessori School. Three of my four children went to DMS. The teachers and staff at “the big red barn” have always held a special place in our hearts. Last spring Miss Cat, director of DMS, scheduled me to inservice the teachers on how to use yoga and meditation in their school. I was thrilled to come in today and share the work I do with them!

The teachers went through a ‘class plan outline’ class where they learned Mudras, sun salutation, read a book about yoga, learned some poses

and were treated to a guided meditation. Upon completion of the lesson, we revisited each part to understand how preschoolers could use it in their day at DMS. To complete our day, the whole staff made “Moody Cow Jars” to use in their classrooms with their students. I love it when teachers can leave a class with a make and take ready to use in their classroom.

It amazed me how little everything was at DMS from the table and chairs to the teacups. The beautiful concept about Montessori is the “real world” component the children experience as they complete their daily work. It took me back to the days of little kiddos at home, sleepless nights, and loving snuggles. My memories of the inner peace my family received at DMS has truly guided the vision of Challenge To Change Inc. and the students we serve. Thank you Dubuque Montessori Teachers!